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A global healthcare agency dedicated to the biotech and pharmaceutical sector. We harness Rx expertise, creativity and extensive omnichannel capabilities to realize connected health, driving value for clients and their diverse communities. Our capabilities run the full spectrum, from strategic consulting to disease state education through to launch promotion and portfolio management, allowing a comprehensive and engaging customer experience.

Connected Biotech

To meet the needs of biotech leaders right where they are, we have now made Cambridge our home.

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We build connected brands that have an impact on the health of the world

A connected brand is one that touches people’s lives, creating meaningful behavioral shifts that ripple throughout the healthcare ecosystem. We harness creativity, technology, and culture, to transform your breakthrough therapies into connected brands.

We connect your brand with the right message to the right people at the right time

Creating connections with meaning in health requires identifying relevant messages for diverse customers and delivering them in the right environments, with continuity across touchpoints. Digital transformation is changing human interactions to such an extent that even growing companies can achieve a competitive and meaningful share of voice. We understand how much this matters in the world of biotech. That’s why we make it our purpose to convert complex scientific content into engaging customer experiences.


We enable connections between diverse stakeholders across the biotech landscape

Today’s healthcare environment is becoming increasingly fragmented and complex. Which makes holding a meaningful conversation all the more challenging. We enable connections between multiple stakeholders across healthcare cultures, reaching both specialists, payers, patients, and their caregivers.

We foster connections between complex science and meaningful value

Whether there is a need for a market-shaping strategy, disease awareness initiative, launch promotion or medical education platform, our Rx scientific experience is the DNA that ensures science is transformed into meaningful value.

We connect the needs of your organization with relevant specialist expertise

We assign agile teams of dedicated scientific experts, highly qualified medical writers, strong creative minds, digital leaders and strategists to mirror your organization. By scaling these teams to the specific task, we stay flexible and responsive to your needs over time.


We power connections that transcend countries and cultures, generating truly global brands

What makes us global is our diversity of thought, cultures, experiences, and locations. Our global network of healthcare offices and our deep expertise in managing “Glocal” process represent a unique benefit for clients launching global brands. Our Cambridge office can now serve as a portal to the world, helping to traverse geographical and cultural barriers to support the new biotech leaders.



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