Maurizio Mioli

Maurizio is CEO of the VMLY&Rx group of agencies based in Milano, Zurich, Paris and Cambridge, MA (USA)  where he heads up a team of 200+ communication professionals dedicated to the international healthcare business. 

Maurizio spent the first 6 years of his professional career in the sales and marketing departments of Italian pharmaceutical companies before moving into managerial roles at international agencies over the past 25 years. In 1996, Maurizio joined VMLY&Rx (formerly Sudler&Hennessey Milan) as Managing Director and soon developed an international unit, with head office based in Milano and with additional premises in Zurich, Paris and Cambridge, MA (USA). 

With over 30 years of experience in marketing and communication, Maurizio has actively contributed to the launch of blockbuster drugs across a wide range of therapeutic areas. He has also spearheaded corporate initiatives for major international clients in terms of promotion and advertising, medical education and strategic consulting.

Maurizio teaches Pharmaceutical Marketing & Communication at The University of Pavia, Master in Pharmaceutical Management course.

  • Maurizio Mioli
CEO, VMLY&Rx International, Milano-Paris-Zürich-Cambridge (U.S.)