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The letters Rx

The first global healthcare agency focused on Rx specialty pharmaceutical companies who are researching and developing breakthrough therapies. We partner with our clients to transform innovative therapies into valued solutions. 

Our VMLY&Rx offices in APAC and EMEA also partner with the health practice at VMLY&R which offers world-class brand building, experience marketing and healthcare-specific expertise.

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We build connected experiences across the healthcare ecosystem.

A deep understanding of individual needs and behavior, and how they’re connected, allows us to create seamless experiences. And when these experiences are personalized, unique and relevant at every touchpoint, their power is all the more profound.

The letters Rx being built

We enable connections between many stakeholders across diverse healthcare cultures.

The number, diversity and influence of stakeholders in drug development has never been greater. Which makes holding a meaningful conversation all the more challenging. Finding the best models and channels requires an approach that is collaborative, agile and, of course, creative.

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We discover connections between data and insights. 

Understanding complex clinical data is crucial, as is finding a deep, truthful connection with our audience. It’s the secret to designing brand communications that resonate with their needs and help to change their behavior.

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We pioneer connections between new evidence and evolving expectations.

Healthcare is moving from treatment towards eradication and cure. Advances and expectations are changing rapidly, so, with an eye to the future, it’s more important than ever to keep well-informed communications going.

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We create connections between complex science and meaningful value.

With time more precious than ever and more and more data to navigate, understandable communications are critical - particularly when innovative science brings new complexity. Turning that complexity into clear, meaningful stories – that’s our secret formula. 

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We power connections beyond science into human behavior.

We believe that science can change the world and that changing the world starts with a single person behaving differently. Overcoming beliefs and barriers to make life better for patients is second nature to us.